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A War in the Desert

Summer comes early in Texas. And May in the high desert around the West Texas town of Redford can be scorching. It was there, on a hot day in 1997, that four ghillie-suit-clad Marines shot and killed eighteen-year-old Esequiel Hernández Jr…

Photo of a signpost threatening violence outside the gated border.

By Brian Platt

Island Nightmares in the Neoliberal City

On May 1st, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and Police Chief Carmen Best announced a series of emphasis patrols aimed at “an attempt to reduce crime and fear of crime” in select Seattle neighborhoods…

Aerial photo of a prison on McNeil Island.

By Brian Platt

Seattle and Its Discontents

Seattle is Dying begins with footage captured by a drone as it rises above a homeless encampment on the south side of the city, eventually revealing the shimmering towers of Seattle’s urban core. This, the third documentary on homelessness…

Photo of dwellings that will be raised from a newspaper.

By Brian Platt


I am writing under considerable torment and mental strain, for I know that before this night is over, I will likely be dead. Penniless, I can bear the torture no longer. I have tried to drown myself in alcohol and the fat clouds of my…

Photo of a woman in darkness with the Blethen Freak behind her.

By Professor Ambrose J. Hoag

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